General Objective of the Company

Develop, build, operate and maintain utility scale energy projects, producing abundant, economical and environmentally conscious energy.

Mission Statement

Utilization of natural resources for the development of accessible and clean renewable and thermal energy generation projects , using industry best practices, committing ourselves to caring for the environment, as well as generating opportunities for economic development in the communities surrounding our projects.

Vision Statement

To be the leading company in the development of Mexican electrical energy projects focusing on  renewable firm energy generation, while responsibly using the great human, natural, social and technological resources to satisfy all variations of market needs.

Institutional Values


We exercise positive leadership through
tools that allow our associates to enhance their
strengths. We generate high-performance teams and promote situational leadership.

Social and environmental responsibility

We are committed to caring for the environment and society based on compliance with our internal Quality, Environmental and Social Management System (QESMaS) and the Equator Principles.


We act truthfully in each and every one of
our actions between associates, contractors, suppliers, government agencies, clients, investors and society in general.


We put our physical, intellectual and emotional forces to achieve concrete results in the goals, objectives and purposes of the company.


We focus our efforts on the commitment to 
our efforts in professional and personal activities.


We provide security, tranquility and satisfaction to clients, investors, contractors, suppliers, agencies and society in general in the performance of our work.


We guarantee the quality of our administrative and operational processes through our Quality, Environmental and Social Management System based on the principles of the International Standard ISO-9001: 2015 and ISO-14001: 2015.


We carry out each of the actions we do consistently

Company Privacy Statement

Privacy notice for the protection of personal data

Mexico City

Santa Catarina 148
Segundo Piso
Col. San Angel Inn
Del Alvaro Obregón
CP 01000

San Diego

2475A Paseo de las Americas
San Diego, CA 92154

Phone Numbers

Ciudad de Mexico      +52 (55) 5985-4444
Tijuana, Baja Cal.        +52 (664) 980-0555
San Diego, CA                +1 (619) 798-5400
Los Angeles, CA             +1 (213) 640-6400
Conference Number     +1 (213) 431-6400