Pardgen - We are generators of electrical energy.  We develop and operate projects through different sources for our electicity mix

We comply with the regulations of the Mexican wholesale electricity market and, all our projects cover the new criteria to guarantee the reliability of the system indicated by the Secretary of Energy in the decree published on May 15, 2020 in the Official Gazette of the Federation. Particularly our projects based on renewable sources which, by design have regulation, which do not affect the electrical system of Mexico.


We are a company dedicated to the development, construction and operations of mixed technology electric power generation plants for large electrical consumer companies. We offer very competitive electrical rates for Energy, Capacity and Clean Energy Certificates (CELs), while at the same time guaranteein the stability and reliability of the national electrical system, complying with the requirements of the law.

Area of Influence

  • Bajío Central Mexico
  • Baja California Peninsula
  • Yucatan Peninsula

Our Experience:

We have extensive experience in the energy sector, we have created and developed renewable and thermal power projects for more than 40 years, and for 15 years we have been involved in electricity markets worldwide.

Focused on creating financially viable and technically efficient projects, we have managed to generate more than 11,000 mega watts, with different energy sources, in all our projects around the world.


A few of our projects

Our team has worked in more than 16 countries around the world:

  • Spain - Solar- 500 MW
  • México - Gas - 25 MW
  • USA - Wind - 248 MW
  • México - Wind - 130 MW
  • Spain - Wind - 400 MW
  • Colombia - Hydro - 50MW
  • USA - Gas - 565MW
Pardgen Map
We have a multidisciplinary team of specialist with vast experience in

in public and private sector projects. We are also specialists in the analysis of the global electricity markets and their risk management.

Mexico City

Santa Catarina 148
Segundo Piso
Col. San Angel Inn
Del Alvaro Obregón
CP 01000

San Diego

2475A Paseo de las Americas
San Diego, CA 92154

Phone Numbers

Ciudad de Mexico      +52 (55) 5985-4444
San Diego, CA                +1 (619) 798-5400
Los Angeles, CA             +1 (213) 640-6400
Conference Number     +1 (213) 431-6400